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by Lois W. Stern

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Garden of Miracles

by Heidi DuPree

Two families are total strangers until their lives briefly intersect in one garden - a garden or Miracles. This is the story of a lost dog who lands in a stranger’s garden under a set of circumstances that are truly ‘Beyond Coincidence’. Heidi tells us: “When we pray for a miracle, we never know how it will unfold, or whose lives will be touched – human… or animal.”

Read intro to Heidi’s inspiring story.

Listen to Heidi’s interview.

This inspiring story is now

published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection, an anthology of ‘Beyond Coincidence’ stories.


The Derma Roller

A brilliant little at home Anti-Aging device

The Dermal Roller is a most cost effective tool to mimic the technique and results achieved by some high cost procedures. Learn what it does, how to use it, and why it works. 

Read this article.

Cosmetic Surgery Top Trends for 2014

A new type of Dermal Filler, first approved for use in the UK, is tipped to be one of the biggest Cosmetic Surgery trends of 2014 in America.

Read this Harley Medical Co. article.


And the Music Plays On

by Charles Musgrave Ph.D.

And the Music Plays On is the story of a most talented horn player whom this author feels privileged to have as a member of his band - and as a personal friend. When COPD threatens to take his life and doctors had given him no chance for survival, amazingly his beloved trumpet saved his life.  

Read intro to this inspiring story.

This inspiring story is now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection, an anthology of ‘Awakenings & Aha Moment’ stories.


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