What happens once you submit your inspiring story?

I do a quick read and give you some personal feedback.

I might simply say that your ‘tale’ was received and everything looks to be in order, or I might make a suggestion or two to help you enhance the impact of a particular part of your story.

Does Tales2Inspire ever reject a story?

I sometimes turn down a submitted ‘tale’ If I feel it is not a good fit for Tales2Inspire™ and let you know. In such cases that tale is not entered into the competition and the author receives no further benefits. But if I truly believe that this story has good potential, I will let you know and give you a second chance to rework it. A peer critique group can be a great help. (Tales2Inspirecan also recommend outside critique services,for those looking for further guidance.)

What happens next?

After the deadline date arrives, you will receive links to three tales for you to judge, using our click, click, click form. You will also be asked to give the author at least one suggestion for a way they might improve their tale (unless of course you gave it a perfect score.)

How can I be both a judge and a competing author?

Unlike other contests, there is no one Winner, Finalist, etc. because each ‘tale’ is rated on its own merits (without regard to the number of ‘tales’ that ultimately receive a particular award). For example, If a number of ‘tales’ happen to score in the Winner range, each of those authors will receive Winner awards during that year. I want to stress this point so you don’t feel your ‘tale’ is competing against other titles you are judging.

When will these stories be published?

Publishing is a long tedious process. It has taken over two years to publish the first two collections: Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection (Beyond Coincidence stories) and Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection (stories of Awakenings & Aha Moments). I am hoping to have two more collections published in 2014: Tales2Inspire ~ The Ruby Collection (Gifts of Compassion) and Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection (Echoes In the Mind).

How will I get updates?

Please place my e-mail address: tales2inspire@optimum.net in your e-mail box so that the updates I send out from time to time don’t end up in your spam folder. I am always most appreciative of those who take the time to respond - even if only to tell me that you received it. Thank you.

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